At Blewett Pass on U.S. 97 there is a large Sno-Park south of the highway.  This Sno-Park is entirely dominated by the snowmobile crowd and is a favorite jumping-off point for snowmobilers wanting to travel the many miles of groomed routes on Table Mt. USFS Rd. # 9716 begins here. It is not a good choice for non-motorized travel.  Just opposite the main Sno-Park, on the north side of the highway, is a smaller Sno-park area which on weekends may  be just as jammed with snowmobile trailers and RV’s as the larger lot but usually has some parking for the non-motorized snow traveler as well. (Please be aware that the weather station plowout and truck turnout just north of the pass are now posted with signs saying "15 Minute Parking". Do not park in these plowouts. You will be ticketed or even towed!!) 
    From the Sno-Park, Rd. #800 leads out Wenatchee Ridge. For the first half mile it is a shared route with snowmobiles but the traffic is much less than on Rd. # 9716 across the highway.  After a short climb away from the highway, one reaches a junction. The right fork, Rd.# 7324, heads down Scotty Cr. and is traveled by snowmobiles, ‘though not heavily.  The left fork, Rd. # 800, heads further out Wenatchee Ridge and is a voluntary non-motorized area . There is some elevation gain on this road. Some ups and downs. Nothing seriously daunting. The views of the Stuart Range and the Enchantments area of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness can be outstanding on a clear day. Large clearcuts sloping north from this road can offer fine downhill opportunities once the stumps are well covered with snow.  The road winds along the ridge for about four miles. A spur road continues at a higher level for another two miles, almost all the way to the old Blewett Pass highway summit; .  The road ends at a log landing in an immensely large and steep clearcut but one can pick ones way down the ridge or ski to the bottom of the cut and reach the old Blewett Pass highway summit in less than another ½ mile. From here one can descend to U.S. 97 either by a four mile road ski to the south or a six mile road ski to the north (some snowmobile traffic).

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Wenatchee Ridge Trail  (continuation to Old Blewett and HWY. 97) 


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