Lick Creek Road

(Part of this route is shared with a groomed snowmobile route.) Park along the North Fork Teanaway Road at about 8.75 miles up-river from SR 970. The county plow trucks usually plow a wide spot here and parking signs are in place. This is not a WA State Snopark and no permit is required for parking. The Lick Cr. Rd. at first follows the creek but then climbs onto higher ground. The map below shows only an approximation of a 6+ mile loop route on roads and skid trails in the area. The DNR has been making many changes to the road system in this area, which is part of the Teanaway Community Forest., and it's easy to get confused and turned around. As always, carry a detailed map of the area and have your GPS handy. Cellphone-dependent GPS may not be reliable here.


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