Teanaway River, West Fork

Driving up-valley on the Teanaway River Rd., watch for a left turn onto the West Fork Rd. at about mile seven.  Drive to the plowed turn-around at the end of pavement on the West Fork Rd.  There is plowed winter parking at the turn-around.  This is not a WA State Snopark and no permit is required to park here. From the turn-around, one can ski any number of roads and tracks heading up-valley or branching off to either side. Cheese Rock is an interesting ski destination but the route includes some steep pitches. Cross the Teanaway River on a wide bridge and follow the road to the top of a rise, then turn sharply left and make your way cross-country out to Cheese Rock.. Beyond the rock are steep sandstone ledges and cliffs. Best not to venture beyond the rock in winter.

The red route lines on the map are merely suggested possible routes.  As always, it is advisable to carry a detailed map and, if you have one, a GPS device. Cellphone-dependent GPS may not be reliable in the West Fork valley.


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