Rye Creek Road/ Camp Lake

Park along the road in the plowed, signed parking area at 29 Pines Campground, at the end of county plowing on the North Fork Teanaway Road. (approx. 13 miles from SR 970). This is not a WA State Snopark and no permit is required for parking.  From the turn-around at end of plowing, take the left fork of the Y and cross the Teanaway River on a wide bridge. Ski a short ways past the bridge and watch for a gated road on your left. This is the start of the Rye Creek Road. Bear left and up a short steep hill to more gentle ground and a pleasant low-angle road tour to Camp Lake. (approx. 2.5 mi.).  The Rye Creek Road continues beyond the lake, climbs considerably, then descends and eventually comes down to the Teanaway Butte Road in about 6.5 miles.  If a car were dropped at the end of plowing on the Middle Fork Teanaway Rd, this route could be made into a fun one-way tour of approx. 10 miles.


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