Voluntary Non-Motorized Areas

In an effort to reduce conflicts between skiers and snowmobilers an agreement was reached between the Cle Elum F.S. district and the Kittitas Co. Grooming Council (representing snowmobile clubs in the area) to designate certain areas on the district as voluntary non-motorized areas. These areas are all quite close to sno-parks and are not of particular interest to snowmobilers as places to ride and play. Signs at these areas politely encourage snowmobilers to go elsewhere but there is NO LEGAL RESTRICTION on their entering these areas if they feel they must. Both skiers and snowmobilers are well aware of how difficult it is to enjoy the so-called "shared use" areas because of the tremendous differences between ski travel and snowmobile travel. The voluntary non-motorized areas are a middle ground between completely unregulated use and actual legal closure to snowmobiles. Skiers should keep in mind that these areas ARE NOT CLOSED TO SNOWMOBILES. If you meet snowmobiles in these areas there is no good purpose served by engaging in confrontation and angry words, no matter how you may feel privately. Better to channel your frustration into lobbying for skier-only areas with officials at the F.S. district, forest and regional levels. The squeaky wheel usually does get the grease.



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