SWAUK CAMPGROUND, PORKY BASIN:  Swauk Campground is an official WA State Parks Snopark located about 3.5 miles north of Mineral Springs Resort Restaurant.  The campground sits on flat ground below the highway and bordering on Swauk Creek. There is lots of opportunity here for trying out those new skis or snowshoes or even doing a winter campout either in tents or in the magnificent CCC era shelter. Although the campground area is close to the highway, it is remarkably quiet because the highway begins to climb above the creek valley at this point and the heavy timber also seems to soak up the road noise. Snowmobiles rarely if ever venture into the campground. Nonmotorized outdoors-lovers will have the area all to themselves. From the upper end of the campground one can continue along the creek and reach the Porky Basin Rd. #121 in about 3/4 mile. A bridge leads across Swauk Cr. and up into clearcuts in Porky Basin. If one proceeds directly from the Campground parking area down to Swauk Cr. blazes will be seen leading across the creek on a foot bridge and then up a trail which climbs to large sandstone outcroppings above the campground. This trail is a bit steep and narrow for skis. Snowshoers will fare better on this route. The blazed trail continues past the sandstone outcroppings and continues to climb almost to the ridge crest where it connects with an old logging road, skirts the head of Porky Basin and eventually leads to the head of the Pipe Cr. Drainage. The Pipe Cr. Trail descends to the highway. Excellent views can be had from this route in good weather though the climb and descent can be treacherous for even accomplished skiers.

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