About 1 ½ miles on the Cle Elum side of Blewett Pass is the Pipe Cr. Sno-Park. This Sno-Park has the distinction of being one of the very few totally non-motorized Sno-Parks in the state. From the parking area there are two routes marked by blue diamonds. One follows Swauk Cr. to Swauk meadows, the other follows Pipe Cr. and leads to the crest of Swauk Ridge. A bulletin board at the parking area displays a map of the area. The Swauk Meadows route has a less severe grade than the Pipe Cr. route. By following either route one can connect eventually with Rd. # 9716. There is no doubt when one reaches this road as it is a groomed snowmobile route. It begins at the Blewett Pass Sno-Park. If one chooses to travel outside the designated non-motorized Pipe Cr. area, constant vigilance is required to avoid the buzzing snowmobiles. 

Downloadable/Printable map Here

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