Jungle Creek Rd. 

 The North Fork of the Teanaway River is reached by way of the Teanaway River Rd. which leaves U.S 970 about six miles east of Cle Elum.  The road is plowed to 29 Pines Campground at mile 13. This is NOT an official WA. State Sno-Park and no sticker is required for legal parking.

JUNGLE CR. RD.: The Jungle Cr. Road begins at the end of plowing on the North Fork Teanway Rd., bends left and crosses the Teanaway River on a bridge, and climbs to the ridge crest which separates the North Fork from the Middle Fork of the Teanaway River in about 4 miles. The Rye Cr. Rd turns left off the Jungle Cr. Rd. just past the bridge. Rye Cr. is a popular snowmobile route.  Although the North Fork Teanaway is increasingly popular  with snowmobilers, one will seldom find a snowmobile venturing even a short way up the Jungle Cr. Rd.  which is an official voluntary non-motorized route.  The road climbs at a moderate grade along Jungle Cr. through forest, ending at an area known as Liar’s Prairie. For those in need of further adventure, Teanaway Buttes can be reached from here by climbing southeast through scrubby timber and clearcuts. Be forewarned that although Teanaway Buttes is a worthy destination, this area is infested with snowmobiles on almost any winter or spring weekend. Weekdays are much calmer up there

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