Jolly Mt. Road    

 This logging road climbs east from the Salmon la Sac Sno-Park at the end of S.R. 903 (2400 ft. elevation). Follow the blue diamond ski trail markers which should be visible from the Sno-Park. The road starts out on flat ground but very soon begins to climb and switchback up through some truly enormous clearcuts which can offer fine downhill runs once all stumps are covered adequately with snow and conditions are favorable.. Views up and down the valley are impressive. Adventuresome and energetic travelers can continue from the end of the Jolly Mt. Rd. (5200 ft.) to the top of Jolly Mt. along a ridge which can be windblown, icy, corniced and generally inhospitable. Snowmobiles are politely discouraged from traveling on the Jolly Mt. Rd. but are not officially banned. Usually there will be a curious few snowmobilers who will venture up the road a short ways and then turn around.


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