French Cabin Creek


The French Cabin Cr. Road is a left turn off of S.R. 903 about 15 miles upriver from the town of Cle Elum. A snopark has been established across the river from the highway.   Cross the Cle Elum River on the bridge and proceed for a short distance along the groomed snowmobile route which is maintained on the French Cabin Cr. Rd.  Watch for roads leading left and right off of this main groomed route.  Road #4309 heads north (right) along the river bottom for about a mile, crosses Thorpe creek on a bridge and soon after that begins to climb into clearcuts which can offer some fun downhill runs once the stumps are covered. Although snowmobiles are allowed here, it is not a popular or heavily used route.  The views can be great once one climbs out of the river bottom and the Cle Elum river provides a buffer from the bustle of the highway and the Sno-Park. Adventuresome sorts who enjoy off road travel may want to continue along the river for about another mile without benefit of road or trail to the Cooper River Rd., at which point one can recross the Cle Elum River on a bridge and reach S.R. 903.  Road #4301 heads south (left) off of the main French Cabin Cr. Road and leads out onto the flats at the head of Lake Cle Elum. Snowmobiles occasionally venture out this road but it in not a heavily traveled route. There are fine opportunities for flatland touring here along the Cle Elum River. Absence of tree cover at the upper reaches of Lake Cle Elum allows for long range views up and down the valley.

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